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If you are following me on Facebook or Instagram, you might know that I recently gave a talk at WebFair Meetup 3.0 event about “How To Build Your Audience Base.

A lot of my friends and followers were asking me to share event’s pics and my session video. So, here you go.

Let’s get started with some pics:

Ankit Singla Web Fair Meetup Speaker
Me, getting my pictures clicked before the event (for Facebook)
Ankit Singla presentation
Me, giving my presentation
event audience
My wonderful audience
Ankit Singla web fair meetup prize
Me, receiving my gift from Pankaj Chopra
web fair meetup 3 ankit singla gift
A wonderful gift from Web Fair team. Thank you! ^_^
Web Fair Sponsors
Self explanatory
Web fair meetup 3 speakers
A Pic with 3 other speakers (from left to right)

And now, it’s time for some group photos.

Group photo 1
group photo
Group photo 2
group photo web fair meetup
Group photo 3
group photo web fair meetup 3
Group photo 4
ankit singla web fair meetup group photo
Group photo 5

Now, here is the complete session video. Sorry for the bad video quality. This is all I could manage.

Note: The Video is in Hindi Language.

Tools I have mentioned in the video:

That’s all, guys!

Ankit Singla

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